Lady Jennifer is a qualified Reiki Practitioner with an excellent Lineage.


A Practitioners lineage indicates their proximity to the Founder of Reiki. Dr Mikao Usui. The reason this is important is that with the best of intentions any message can become changed over time and distance. The proximity to the source of knowledge is therefore paramount when choosing your Practitioner. Lady Jennifer is no more than 7 steps away from Dr Usui, this is considered an excellent lineage and is accepted and verified by the UK Reiki Federation. The Lineage is available for clients during a consultation

Lady Jennifer's History

Lady Jennifer began her Reiki journey after a long professional career in Business and the Arts.

She enjoyed an award winning career in the Arts during her formative years and forged a lifelong attraction to understanding how and why people think and act. Later, she studied at University and gained her degree in Psychology with Honours.

During a successful 30 years of working in Corporate and Business roles managing and developing people and assisting them to be successful she noticed that personal success always revolved around the person's own positive energy in the workplace.

​She qualified in Mediation which suited her primary skill sets and makes full use of her excellent interpersonal skills and training. She spent many years advising and teaching both individuals and businesses to excel, especially in their Marketing and Promotional activities.

More recently, she has been focused on a calling to investigate her own spiritual journey, working with the power of Universal Energy in Reiki to help others. After several years of intuitively applying her gifts with family, friends and even animals, as a qualified Reiki practitioner she is helping people to understand how the Universal healing energies can be used to bring about positive changes in their lives. She has a particular interest in working with people in need of support at their place of work, where professional stress, and 'burn out' can be ever present, leading to energy imbalances in the body and mind.

The Present and the Future - REIKI with Lady Jennifer

Following extensive professional training, practice and study, Lady Jennifer has been granted REIKI Practitioner status by a Master Practitioner Member of the UK Reiki Federation. She has created her own Reiki Practice called 'REIKI with Lady Jennifer'.

Operating from her Reiki Studio in Staffordshire, Lady Jennifer holds consultations with clients for introductory, maintenance and advanced Reiki treatments. She is able to offer Reiki to people and animals along with 'Distance Reiki' where she sends healing energy through time and space to recipients in various parts of the UK and around the World.


She also visits her clients both Personal and Commercial at their own premises and is in high demand by Corporate clients to provide treatments as a Staff Member Benefit to their Employees. The Reiki treatments provided to staff members directly affect their performance and wellbeing in the workplace and create a positive and tangible benefit to the Employer in respect of productivity, staff attendance and their Corporate Social Responsibility.